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about us
Hess Sutures GmbH is the successor of H. Hess & Co. respectively former private trading company "Hans Hess", which has been founded in 1960 and is owned Mr. Hanspeter Hess.

Hess Sutures GmbH distributes on agency basis or/and resells non-sterile sutures on bulk make up from different sources (details you will find in this website under "Products").

Our products are semi-finished non-sterile sutures as shown on the following examples:

  • Silk-, polyester-, nylon-, pga- strands on reels of 500 till 3'000 meters).
  • Catgut strands of length of 1.50 m in hanks of 100 pieces,
  • Surgical needles without threads in boxes of 1'000 pieces,
  • Our clients buy these bulk products from us and do the further processing as needle/thread attachment, packaging and sterilisation and sell the sterile, final sutures directly to the hospitals.

    Hess Sutures GmbH is in regular business relations to all important manufacturers of sterile surgical sutures . With our activity we cover the following European countries: France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Russia etc.

    Outside of Europe we deal with customers in USA, Latin America, Northern- and South Africa, India.

    How to reach us:

    Phone: ++41/61/481 95 85
    Mobile: ++41/79/460 84 24
    Fax: ++41/61/481 91 61

    Mail Address:
    Hess Sutures GmbH
    Ulmenstrasse 11
    P.O. Box 753
    CH - 4123 Allschwil

    If you need further information or samples, please contact us!